Joseph Moore

Joseph Moore Student

Brighton, Michigan
High School
Brighton High School
College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Leadership and Student Affairs
May 2017

Your experiences outside the classroom will help shape you

“My education here has been a holistic experience. You are not only at college to go to class, you are here to have experiences outside the classroom and grow as a person. Academics have been a huge part of my journey, but so are the relationships I have created through the experiences I have had.”

Your involvement will span further than you ever imagined

“I never imagined I would be involved with the Leadership Safari program for as long as I have been. When I came to school, I thought it was a fun program to get me acclimated to college, but I never thought I would work with the program throughout the rest of my college career. It has really helped me to become a well-rounded leader.”

Faculty and staff are here to help you succeed

“I want to work to empower student leadership skills at the college level. I want to help students realize their full potential, just like the faculty and staff here have done for me.”

Stepping outside your comfort zone allows for growth

“I am very introverted when it comes to stepping outside my comfort zone, and whenever I try something new I am a little bit hesitant. CMU has really pushed me outside my level of comfort and has helped me grow as a student and a leader.”

Be open to new experiences

“Be open-minded. You will experience a lot of new things, but do not be hesitant. Immerse yourself in the things you are passionate about, but also all that the university has to offer.”

Take advantage of the academic services available

“I regret not taking the time to figure out what academic services the university has to offer. I did not know a lot about tutoring services and the math and writing centers. I wish I would have realized there are services here to help students succeed in the classroom.”

Involvements at CMU

  • Leadership Safari
  • Pi Kappa Phi fraternity
  • Academic Orientation mentor
  • Volunteer at College 101