Josh Jarvi

Josh Jarvi Student

Sterling Heights, Michigan
High School
Henry Ford II High School
College of the Arts and Media
Psychology and Leadership
May 2016

Get ready to cross items off your bucket list

“CMU is a school where you can cross things off your bucket list. Whether it is with study abroad, Alternative Breaks or getting involved through leadership experiences, there is something for everyone. The university paves the way for students to do whatever they want.”

Be proud of your school

“I am more proud of my school than the degree I will hang on my wall. When I graduate I know I will talk about the experiences I gained and how I grew as a person because of the university, rather than the name on the degree.”

On-campus jobs provide an insight into the future

“All of my on-campus jobs have supplemented my career goals. They have all been facets of student affairs and have helped me to envision myself in these roles in the future. Through these experiences, I have learned a lot about myself and my goals and priorities. They have helped me realize I need to be in a career that is going to be focused on helping other students.”

Discover friendships that will span a lifetime

“Joining my fraternity gave me a support system I did not even know I needed at the time. These friendships are ones I am going to carry with me for the rest of my life. I never thought I would experience a lifelong commitment so early on, but it has helped pave the way for so many leadership opportunities.”

Focus on having a positive experience

“I want to take the amazing experiences CMU provided for me and apply those to another university when I work in student affairs. College plays a huge part in the developmental years in your life, and it is important that your experiences are positive and filled with the resources you need to succeed.”

Experience everything you can

“Do not take this experience for granted by just sitting around in your residence hall doing nothing. Getting involved has been the best part of my college career, and it will enhance your entire college experience. Go out and explore, see everything that CMU has to offer and try out everything you can.”

Involvements at CMU

  • Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity
  • Leadership Safari guide
  • Alternative Breaks
  • Interfraternity Council executive board
  • Thorpe Hall resident assistant
  • Admissions student assistant
  • Campus Ambassador