Justin Toliver

Justin Toliver Student

Redford, Michigan
High School
Thurston High School
Journalism with a public relations concentration
College of the Arts and Media
Leadership and event management
May 2016​
“I remember when I came here for orientation. The students working at the event were so fired up. I thought it would be cool to do. I spent this past summer as an orientation mentor and a Leadership Safari guide. Helping the freshmen made me realize that I love working with students, and I’ve recently been contemplating going to grad school to work in higher education.”
“There are a lot of things you don’t know when you’re going to college, especially if your parents have never gone before. One of my big tips for future students is to get to know the services the university offers. CMU has many resources – from financial aid to the Center for Inclusion and Diversity to the CMU Counseling Center."
“I auditioned for Fish N’ Chips A Capella in my first semester, but I didn’t get in. I was heartbroken. A year later, I auditioned again and I got in. I love the group, the brotherhood aspect and the creative process. The experience taught me how to push through challenges when they come up. You’ll face setbacks throughout college, but it’s important to not give up when times get rough.”
“I want to make a difference, whether it’s here at CMU or wherever I end up. I want to make an impact so people can feel comfortable, safe and included, and they can be celebrated for who they are no matter what makes them different.”
“When I got here, I didn’t think I’d join a Greek letter organization because I didn’t ‘fit’ the stereotype. I am a founding father of our Pi Kappa Phi chapter, and I’ve played a role in shaping it. One of my main goals is for it to be a place where anyone can go.”
“My favorite restaurant in Mount Pleasant, if I have a little bit of money in my pocket, is Italian Oven. If my pocket is a little lighter, I really like Max & Emily’s. Try the chicken dumpling soup.”
  • Multicultural adviser in Fabiano Hall
  • Leadership Safari Guide
  • Founding father and member of Pi Kappa Phi
  • Member of Fish N’ Chips A Capella
  • Volunteer in the Center for Inclusion and Diversity
  • CMU orientation mentor