Kaitlin Moore

Kaitlin Moore Student

Columbus, Ohio
High School
West High School
Mechanical Engineering
College of Science and Engineering
Kaitlin's favorite part about Mount Pleasant is the abundance of coffee shops where she can study and meet with friends.​

With 220,000+ alumni around the world, no matter where you go, you’re likely to run into a fellow Chippewa. This was true for Kaitlin Moore, a senior from Ohio, during her recent summer internship at the Gentex Corporation.

“There were several CMU alumni that worked at Gentex,” she said. “We actually had dinner with a lot of the recruiters who went to Central. It was really cool to get together with them and to see where they were at Central and where they are now.”

The resources available on CMU’s campus played a major role in helping Kaitlin find and secure the internship as well.

“The engineering program sends out emails about different companies and opportunities available for students. They brought in representatives from Gentex and had an info session about the company, and I was definitely interested,” she said.

Kaitlin was able to talk to her professors and Career Services during the application and interview process, and ended up being hired as a summer intern for the Gentex Corporation alongside five other students.

“It was such a good experience, and it was really exciting to have that sense of confirmation, that knowledge that I’m where I’m supposed to be,” she said.

Kaitlin credits CMU’s resources and faculty for helping her discover her full potential and leading her to a career opportunity and a whole new network of Chippewas.


Fast Facts


Kaitlin played on CMU’s varsity soccer team for two years.


She is a member of the Society of Women Engineers.


Kaitlin is a very outdoorsy person, and loves Michigan’s expansive wilderness.