Louis Palmer

Louis Palmer Student

Detroit, Michigan
High School
Cass Tech High School
Child development​
College of Education and Human Services
May 2016
“When I made my visit to CMU I could instantly feel the love in the atmosphere. The people were very frie​ndly, and you could tell that the community was going to support you.”
“Jaheel Addae is someone from CMU who has been a positive role model for me. I can relate to him because he came from nothing, got his degree and is a successful defensive back for the San Diego Chargers. Anytime life got hard with balancing classes and football he would always remind me that I came here to get my degree, which is an opportunity that not a lot of people from my neighborhood get.”
“I’ve volunteered for a lot of causes at CMU. My favorite is Special Olympics. I’ve volunteered the last four years, and it never gets old. For whatever reason, the athletes get so excited to see me. I just love making people smile.”
“When I was a freshman, I discovered that my study habits from high school were holding me back academically. My advice to freshmen facing the same problem is to talk with the seniors and follow their example. That’s what helped me.”
“I joined Omega Psi Phi because I had a lot of positive role models who were members like Michael Jordan, Steve Harvey, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Langston Hughes and more. The members I know carry themselves with so much confidence that you can tell they are a part of something bigger than themselves. I want to be around more people like that.”
“Whether I go to the NFL or find work using my degree, I just want to give back to people who never had anything. Growing up, there were people who helped my family out when we had nothing so I want to do the same. I don’t need the credit, I just want to help people.”
  • Football defensive lineman
  • Special Olympics
  • Woodland Hospice
  • Omega Psi Phi fraternity
  • Be the Match marrow registry