Marc Quinones

Marc Quinones Student

Midland, Michigan
High School
Midland High School
Biomedical Sciences
College of Business Administration
Cultural and Global Studies
May 2017
“I decided to go to college because I wanted to do something that made a difference – so I figured I’d come to college and find out what that was.”
“I went to Panama with Global Brigades, and getting to do the medical and dental stuff hands-on really reinforced my yearning to attend medical school in the future. It was another driving force for me in solidifying what I want to do because I got to experience it firsthand.”
“I’m part of the CMU Alternative Breaks board that sends more than 600 volunteers around the country and world. Getting to provide help to these communities is the epitome of putting my stamp on the world.”
“Get involved and find your passion because it can change your life. It can give you a purpose and a meaning versus just going to class, getting the grade and moving along. Instead of being shuffled through, you’re finding a meaning to why you’re here.”
“I went to the Grand Canyon for an Alternative Break conference, and when I was out in the Grand Canyon working alongside people who had the same beliefs and thought processes that I did, I was just truly happy. I wasn’t ever stressed out – it was like I knew I was in the right place.”
  • Alternative Breaks participant and board member
  • Global Brigades
  • America Counts and Reads