Margaret Schneider

Margaret Schneider Student

Crystal Lake, Illinois
High School
Crystal Lake South High School
Fashion Merchandising and Design
College of Education and Human Services
May 2017
Margaret spent the summer of 2015 in Ghana, Africa doing a fashion design internship with a company called Global Mamas.
“It's a proud moment seeing your collection walk the runway and to know what you can do, and think about what is possible for the future.”

Margaret Schneider got the chance to watch not one, but two of her original fashion design collections walk down the runway at Threads, CMU’s annual student-run fashion show.

Her main collection, titled “Road Warrior,” was based on the 2015 film Mad Max: Fury Road.

“I decided that I wanted to do a collection that was rooted in costume design, and had always been drawn to the look and feel of the Mad Max films,” Margaret said. “When I saw Mad Max: Fury Road in 2015, it felt like seeing a film for the first time again. I wanted to design something based on it, and when I had the chance this year, I was so excited to push the boundaries of what normally is shown in Threads.”

Her desolate, earth-toned pieces invoke the post-apocalyptic desert wasteland backdrop of the film.

“The themes that I focused on were environmental degradation, lack of resources, feminism, motherhood, and hope,” she said. “To me, the extremes of this film are not too far from a world in which we could find ourselves in the near future, but it also invites people to learn about these issues and to hopefully do something about them.”

To see her designs in Threads, said Margaret, was an incredibly powerful experience. She credits CMU for helping her rediscover her passion for design and shaping it into a career.

“I have been into art and design since I was a little kid. I would always be drawing or draping blankets on my friends to make dresses,” she said. “But I never thought about fashion as a career until I came to CMU and took an introductory course and immediately changed my major.”

Fast Facts


Margaret originally came to CMU to study physical therapy, but rediscovered her passion for fashion design.


She hopes to someday be the production designer for a feature film.


After graduation, Margaret plans to pursue a design job for a company such as Levi or Anthropologie.