Mariam Saad

Mariam Saad Student

Al-Khiyam, Lebanon
High School
Communication Disorders
College of Health Professions
May 2017
Mariam is an only child.​

“The best part about CMU is that it embraces diversity, and it has so many different people from different parts of the world,” said Mariam Saad, an international student from Lebanon.

Mariam came to CMU to finish her undergraduate degree and pursue a master’s degree in speech therapy.

“You’re not alone in this as an international student [at CMU]. This helped me a lot with homesickness when I first came here. As an international student, I’ve got to meet a lot of people and make a lot of new friends and basically experience places that are not home. I’ve been home for my whole life, so it’s a brand new experience.”

She said that being able to get involved and become a leader at CMU has definitely helped her grow and develop. As the president of the International Student Organization on campus, Mariam has been able to see things from different perspectives, and it has given her the opportunity to help a lot of people in her position, she said.

Mariam also is part of the International Student Advisory Board, which helps the Office of International Affairs understand and address concerns and issues facing international students at CMU.

“We discuss the issues or experiences we have as international students and try to find solutions or suggestions to fix them or to make the transition to CMU and to the United States as comfortable as possible,” she said.


Fast Facts


Mariam plans to pursue a master’s degree in speech language pathology after graduation in May.


CMU hosts over 1,000 international students representing nearly 60 countries.


After she has finished her master’s degree, Mariam plans to move back to Lebanon to work as a speech therapist.