Marissa Martinie

Marissa Martinie Student

Hudsonville, Michigan
High School
Hudsonville High School
Interior Design
College of the Arts and Media
Construction Management
May 2016

Your experiences will enhance your passion

“In high school I knew that I loved interior design, and I was pretty skilled at it. I was looking for colleges in the state that were accredited in the program because that was important to me. When I toured CMU I fell in love with the program and the faculty, and the way that I felt then is even more enhanced now.”

Find a community that feels like home

“I feel like there is a very strong sense of community within my program and with my fellow design students. It is a smaller program, but that sense of community has really improved my experience.”

Turning a passion into a career

“Through the various mission trips that I have been on and my internship with Lakeshore Habitat for Humanity, I realized that I can combine my passions with my career. I want to take what I have learned from my major and work on more community-focused projects. My heart is set on building and designing for underprivileged communities who are in need of help.”

Using your education to help others

“I want to use my education from CMU to influence communities for the better and revive them with not only the physical structures I build, but also emotionally and spiritually. I want to invest in communities and the lives of the people who live there to give them a sense of hope.”

Faculty members feel like family

“The faculty really believe in us, and they want to invest in us. They educationally make sure that we are learning what we need to learn, but it also is a very family-oriented feel because they are always there to support us.”

Act on your dreams

“I am excited to get out into the world and act on all of the dreams and ideas I have envisioned for myself. It is time for me to use my passions to improve the world and the lives of people around me.”

Involvements at CMU

  • HisHouse Christian Fellowship
  • College of Education and Human Services student ambassador