Megan Lamphere Student

Lapeer, Michigan
High School
Lapeer East High School
Therapeutic Recreation
College of Health Professions
December 2016
I’d been a gymnast since I was three, and it was the thing that defined me. Friends and family would say, ‘Megan Lamphere, the gymnast.’ In college I realized this is my last four years of gymnastics. I have one year left, and I can’t just be Megan, the gymnast, anymore. I had to make a new identity for myself. Through my leadership and service experiences here, I realized that I’m more than a gymnast.
Get involved to figure out what you love because it’s going to change. I came in really excited to be an athlete, but I branched out at Leadership Camp and through the Student Athlete Advisory Committee. Being involved in other things helped me realize how much I like to explore and see how other people grow through their experiences. I have discovered my love for leadership and service at CMU.
My freshman year was tough. There were so many obligations, classes, studying and adjusting to a new gymnastics team. There were times when I felt like I wanted to call my parents and say I’m going to quit. At the same time, upperclassmen were telling me it gets better and to wait until competition. When competition started in January of my freshman year, I realized that all of the hard work had paid off. I’m part of a gymnastics team that has earned two Mid-American Conference championships. It makes getting up at 6 a.m. to train worth it.
On the surface, my favorite thing about CMU and Mount Pleasant is that it’s a small community, and we get so much support. My favorite thing about being a Chippewa is that no matter what state I’m in, if I see someone wearing a CMU sweatshirt and I yell “Fire Up Chips,” I’m going to be understood.
I’m a third-generation Chippewa. My parents met at CMU, and my dad’s parents met here. I didn’t want to come here, too, but when I was being recruited for the gymnastics team, we toured campus, and I knew I loved it here. I thought, “Yep, I’m going to be a Chippewa.” I had a onesie with “Future Chippewa” on it, so it was destined to be.
I want to open a facility that includes a doctor’s office, physical therapy and an athletic complex, so it can encompass caring for neuromotor brain injuries. Ultimately, I want to be able to make someone walk again.
  • CMU Gymnastics team member
  • Leadership Camp facilitator
  • Student Athlete Advisory Committee secretary
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes member