Nick Cozzi

Nick Cozzi Student

Chicago, Illinois
High School
CMU College of Medicine​ student
College of Medicine
“Physicians of the future will have to think differently, and with an MBA, I think I look at problems through a different lens. It’s been said that healing is an art, medicine is a vocation and health care is a business. How do we bring those concepts together? One example is telemedicine, which is cost efficient and familiar to patients and easy to access through Wi-Fi.”
Cozzi and fellow College of Medicine students Alex Ghannam and Christopher Khoury formed the group, which examines the business world and how it ties to being a quality physician. “We want a way for physicians to talk about how they form a practice and how they maintain them. And we want people from the private sector to discuss how service and people matter.”
“Through a friend, I was able to follow and talk with pediatric neurosurgeons at the Mayo Clinic. I love the brain, and I’m good with kids. I was talking with one researcher, asking a lot of questions. Eventually, I said if a research opportunity exists, I’d love to be part of the work. And he suggested a summer project. It was an incredible experience at Mayo. You really see the lengths the physicians go to work with parents and children.”
When I work with high school students, I tell them, I was in your chair not that long ago. I let them know I’m fortunate to have had so many opportunities, but many of them came from asking, ‘Can you tell me more about that’ and ‘Can I come along and help or observe?’
“I’ve really been lucky with the people I’ve met and the friendships I’ve formed at CMU and in Mount Pleasant. There is a lot of culture here, and a lot of pride here. Coming from a big city, it was a big adjustment for me, but I enjoy being in the middle of Michigan. This is a great fit for me.”
  • Worked with two other CMED students to create the popular Business in Medicine student special interest group
  • Co-founded the MedMentor group, a mentorship program for high school students and undergraduate college students
  • Recently secured a monthlong summer research project with the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota
  • Member of the pediatric, surgical and immersion (medical Spanish) student interest groups