Rajat Taneja

Rajat Taneja Student

Lansing, Michigan
High School
Waverly High School
College of Business Administration
May 2018
“Early on in the year I didn’t know very many people. My residence hall was forming an intramural football team so I thought that I would join. It gave me the opportunity to meet people not only in my hall, but on the opposing teams as well.”
“My whole first semester I debated whether or not I should transfer to another school. As the year went on I met a lot of great people and got into a routine with my classes. Before I knew it I was so busy that I wasn’t bored or lonely, which was really helpful.”
“As an account executive at CM Life, I’ve learned a lot about multitasking and meeting deadlines. It’s a real job and not just another group that I’m a part of. This real-world experience is going to give me an advantage over my peers when I begin looking for an internship or job.”
“Don’t let yourself get caught up in the academic life, and don’t let the college life overtake you either. You’re paying for the entire experience, not just the degree, but remember that you’re in college to position yourself to succeed in the real world.”
“I never thought I would become friends with my RA or MA. Once I got to know them I realized they make time for everything and everyone, even though they’re just as busy as the rest of us. My RA, Brandi, taught me to relax and not stress about the little things.”
  • Account Executive at Central Michigan Life
  • Intramural football and basketball
  • Hall Council member