Ryan Vorpagel

Ryan Vorpagel Student

St. Clair Shores, Michigan
High School
Lakeview High School
Broadcast and Cinematic Arts​
College of the Arts and Media
Media Design, Production and Technology
May 2015​
“I’ve had a lot of experiences here to get me closer to my goals. I’ve always been interested in film. I want to go toward sports production like doing postgame for the Tigers or the Red Wings. I’m also interested in working for Fox Sports or ESPN. But my minor is Media Design, Production and Technology, and I’ve kind of worked that in with a lot of the website classes that my major offers. I’ve taken a couple information technology classes so I also could become a website designer and post people’s websites.”
“The Broadcast and Cinematic Arts program has been wonderful. The professors are really amazing. They’re down to earth, and they don’t treat you like a student, they treat you more like a colleague and work with you.”
“There are tons of cocurricular activities outside of class to get experience and put on your résumé. We have access to advanced equipment you won’t find anywhere else. A graduate student invited me to help him shoot and edit a commercial he was developing for an online client.”
“Coming in as a freshman, Leadership Safari was fun but it also helped me to adjust to college right off the bat. My Safari guide was great and was very understanding about the fears that freshmen have coming into college. Now serving as a Leadership Safari guide myself I want to help incoming freshmen overcome their fears and settle into life here. It’s nice to know you’re making a difference in those students’ lives.”
  • Videographer and film editor
  • Member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity
  • Active leader within his fraternity
  • Serves as Leadership Safari guide
  • Works as CMU Bookstore webmaster