Sam Johnson

Sam Johnson Student

Homer, Michigan
High School
Homer High School
Elementary education
College of Education and Human Services
Leadership, math and reading
December 2016
“When I came to Central for my second visit, which was for the Leader Advancement Scholarship competition, I was surrounded with people I knew I wanted to be around and who would make me the person I want to be. When I got the call that I was accepted as a Leader Advancement Scholar, my decision was made to come to CMU.”
“I come from a small town and wanted to bring new opportunities to the students I work with in the GAP after-school summer program, which provides enrichment activities. I approached my supervisor with an idea for a three-week leadership curriculum and she let me run with it. Each week I worked with a different age group at the elementary level to cover topics like sportsmanship and being a positive leader. We ended the program with a parent night. Parents kept asking if we were going to do it again and told me about the positive changes they saw in their kids that week. We plan to do it again.”
“There are countless opportunities at Central. I’ve been able to start my own club, and then turn around and plan activities for other organizations. I appreciate all of the opportunities, especially coming from a small high school where I was involved in everything – but everything was just five things. There’s so much more here.”
“I studied abroad in London for the spring semester of 2013 and took classes in British literature and culture, museums and galleries, the civil rights movement, and geography at Kingston University. It was life-changing because, by myself, I was able to travel across the world to live for five months in a different county where I knew no one, but was still able to make connections. It was inspiring and confidence building.”
“Try everything! There will never be a point in your life where you’ll be given as much opportunity with so many things at your fingertips that you can try. While you’re here you might as well try things and figure out what you love and what you don’t.”
“In elementary and middle school I remember saying I wanted to be a teacher and having my teachers encourage me. I want to inspire others to be the best they can be, and teaching is the best way I can see to do that. By helping others be better and put their stamp on the world, I’m putting my stamp on the world.”
  • Connections Leadership Conference co-chair for the Leadership Institute
  • Founder and leader of the Study Abroad Alumni Association student organization
  • Isabella County Youth Advisory Committee member
  • Kappa Delta Epsilon member
  • My Journey coordinator for Alpha Chi Omega
  • Sibling’s Weekend co-chair
  • Works in the Student Activities & Involvement office