Shaila Segal

Shaila Segal Student

Pomfret, Connecticut
High School
Woodstock Academy
Mathematics and Statistics
College of Business Administration
May 2018
“People see me as a gymnast doing flips and stuff, and I do a lot of exercises for sure, but if there’s one piece of advice I could give an incoming student, it would be to stretch your mind. Take classes that you never thought you’d take and that you’d never expect to like. Sometimes what you don’t think you’d enjoy at all, you end up loving. I’m taking a religion class right now that explores different religions all over the world, and I’m loving every second of it.”
“Central is a great place to grow into your own as a person. A lot of my friends in Connecticut stayed close to home to go to college and their college experience is not much different than high school. I think moving away from home has given me the true college experience. When I talk about growing as a person, I don’t mean just as a student, because in every college you’re going to grow as a student. Being on your own has taught me independence and how to deal with different people from a variety of backgrounds and educational levels. The whole CMU experience is something that I feel like everyone should get a chance to do.”
“When I was three years old my parents saw me do a split on the floor and put me into gymnastics. I was the national Eastern Level 9 Regional Beam Champion and the High School New England All-Around Champion. I’m still a gymnast at my core, but I really want to work as a statistician in a corporate environment.”
“Calculus is my favorite class because numbers just make sense to me. In some subjects you can have different answers but in math there’s only one answer. I can’t wait to experience math more and show others how important it actually is. Most people don’t like math but if they just try it, they might find a class that they like and realize that they can enjoy it. STEM is so important. I want to make sure people know that.”
“Being from out of state and adapting to Michigan was initially tough because I was homesick a lot. However, I discovered that I wasn’t alone. I have several other teammates who are in the same boat as me — practically half the team, actually — and I rely on them. We help each other out. Of course FaceTime with the parents always helps! My coaches have been huge influences. They keep me focused and encourage me and are really quite good with helping my teammates and I to find that right balance of studying, academics and healthy habits.”
  • Member of the CMU Gymnastics Team
  • Volunteer at Special Olympics Michigan
  • Academic scholarship through gymnastics
  • CMU President’s Award