Shayesteh Jananfar

Shayesteh Jahanfar Faculty

High School
College of Health Professions
School of Health Sciences
Shayesteh is a nature enthusiast and enjoys group nature walks.

Shayesteh Jahanfar has worked and studied in four nations around the world, and when she joined the Central Michigan University faculty in January 2017, she found a community that shared her same passion for student success.

“I found this as a student-centered university, and that’s my motto in academic success. The students are the center,” she said. “Everyone wants to be student-centered, but this is the best facility I’ve worked with. I think students can study here and flourish.”

Shayesteh is a reproductive epidemiologist and teaches graduate courses in the College of Health Professions’ School of Health Sciences. Her research focuses on reproductive health, women’s and children’s health, and genetic versus environment studies.

She’s spent much of her career conducting a number of twin studies — which look at the role genes play in the development of certain traits or disorders by comparing twins — in Australia, Malaysia and Canada. She’s continuing that research here at CMU, and bringing her students into the fold.

With datasets of twins from a handful of resources from across the country, Shayesteh is recruiting students to help not only conduct the research, but assist in writing the research paper.

“When students participate in a research study, they develop life skills, not only those that will help them find a job, but also skills to use in the real world,” she said. “I like to incorporate my research into learning. My research and teaching activities are hand in hand, and of course students are the center of it all.”

Fast Facts


Shayesteh has trained clinicians and scientists across the world in Cochrane systematic review methods.


She is part of a World Health Organizations group studying the global rise in people choosing cesarean section births.


She was one of 50 health experts who recently published a study on determining factors of neurological disorders.