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Assistant Vice President of University Recreation
University Recreation
Stan is a massive fan of Chicago sports, no matter the team or sport. He is probably one of the few Chicagoans who's a Cubs fan and a Sox fan.​

When students from the Chicago area make the journey to CMU, they usually end up, at some point, in Stan Shingles’ office.

Stan, the assistant vice president of university recreation, is a born and raised Chicagoan who is passionate about helping students from the area adjust to life in Mount Pleasant, MI.

“Being a Chicagoan has its own culture to it, almost this unspoken connection. You have these students coming here from Chicago, and they’re surprised when they meet someone from home. I get to develop these relationships with them, and I think that’s really genuine and authentic. I love seeing these students grow and change and thrive here at CMU,” said Stan.

Stan’s favorite part of his job is the ability to make these authentic connections with students and help ease students’ transitions to CMU.

“I remember there were a couple of students, they were twin sisters, and they made the comment, ‘If we come to CMU, are you going to invite us to your house for dinner?’ So I said sure, and that’s how we started our annual Labor Day weekend event, because they were here for Labor Day and couldn’t go all the way home. So my wife and I had six students from the Chicago area to a cookout at our house. And this year, just seven years later, we extended that same invite to over 60 students from the Chicago area,” he said.

When choosing a school out of state, said Stan, students are often drawn to the history of excellent academics and the caring community CMU has to offer.

“What makes CMU unique is its connection to students. It’s very intentional and purposeful, it’s authentic – we don’t do it just to make you feel like we have that connection and then we walk away from you. It’s authentic and that’s the way CMU is – it’s friendly, inviting and very inclusive.”


Fast Facts


Stan has worked at CMU for nearly 30 years.


University recreation is the second largest employer on campus.


Stan’s favorite part about his job is the ability to connect with students.