Terace Thomas, Second year medical student

Terace Thomas Student

Hackensack, New Jersey
High School
Hackensack High School
Second year medical student
College of Medicine
May 2019
Terace has a collection of stuffed animals in the rear window of her car.

When Terace Thomas was applying to medical school, she wasn’t planning to look outside her home state of New Jersey.

“My friend told me about CMU and at first I was hesitant to be away from my friends and family,” she said. “But when I saw the College of Medicine’s mission statement and values, which included diversity and inclusion, I was drawn to it.”

CMU’s College of Medicine, established in 2013, has set itself apart by focusing on educating and training students to care for underserved populations locally and globally.

Terace was intrigued by the idea of being able to shape and form such a new medical school as part of the first few classes to go through the program.

“What really stood out to me about CMU’s College of Medicine was that, as a new school, we would become pioneers, and we could set the stage for what we wanted the future of the program to look like,” she said.

Terace, now in her second year of the program, was appointed to the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force as a first-year student.

“In my capacity as one of the second-year board members, I’m supposed to be the voice of the students in my class. I, along with the rest of the task force, give the administration feedback on what my class wants and needs from the program, and specifically regarding diversity and inclusion.”

As part of the college’s mission to support and care for underserved populations, medical students and faculty joined CMU’s Mobile Health Central mobile clinic this past summer in Flint.

“We went to Flint and provided free health screenings to patients and community members at Brennan Senior Center. We were able to provide basic screenings as well as other tests they may not have access to normally, like lead tests and hearing screenings,” said Terace.

CMU’s medical students routinely get hands-on experiences working with patients in clinical settings in Mount Pleasant and around the state through the residency program.

Fast Facts


After she finishes medical school, Terace wants to specialize in pediatrics.


She also is a member of several student groups on campus, including the American Medical Association and the Student National Medical Association.


Terace immigrated to the U.S. from Jamaica in high school.