Victoria Petersen

Victoria Petersen Student

Grand Haven, Michigan
High School
Grand Haven High School
MSA Health Services Administration
College of Graduate Studies
May 2017
Victoria really enjoys singing and travels to different churches to perform.​

When it came time for Victoria Petersen to think about moving on to graduate school for health administration, she found that she was one class shy of graduating – one class that would cause her to stay an entire extra semester.

When she talked to her advisor, he mentioned the accelerated Master of Science in Administration degree program that CMU offers.

“With the accelerated program, you get to take 12 graduate credits while you’re still an undergraduate. It sounded really appealing to me, since I enjoy learning at a faster pace. So I took his advice, went to the graduate studies office, and they helped me find a program that would fit with the classes I’d already taken already and my interests,” she said.

And the MSA program has opened doors for her that Victoria never dreamed of, she said.

“The accelerated graduate program at CMU challenged me mentally while finishing up my Bachelor of Science degree in public health education and health promotion. I really enjoyed applying what I learned in my graduate courses to my undergraduate courses and helping those around me within the classes.”

Beyond academics, the accelerated MSA program gave Victoria the chance to shine in an internship with the North Ottawa Community Health System.

“Working as a laboratory management intern gave me the opportunity to see firsthand the administrative side of health care and clarified that health services administration is what I want to do with my life,” said Victoria.

However, Victoria’s favorite part about CMU, she said, is the people.

“Even just the people that I work with in my classes, because they all have something they can teach you. I’ve learned so much working on group projects with people, setting my own goals and deadlines, and I’ve really learned more about how I work in a group as well as by myself.”


Fast Facts


Victoria currently works as a graduate assistant with CMU's College of Medicine in the Office of Faculty and Staff Affairs.


After graduation, she would like to work in a hospital or specialized care setting.


As an undergraduate, Victoria served as the recording secretary for the Student Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.