Ahsha Davis

Ahsha Davis Student

Detroit, Michigan
High School
Cass Technical High School
Broadcast and Cinematic Arts
College of the Arts and Media
Communications and Spanish
December 2018
Ahsha loves dinosaurs and has seen the entire Jurassic Park movie series more than 70 times.

Ahsha Davis came to CMU as a broadcast major knowing she would find nationally recognized programs and an education that put her in the best position possible for a successful career. 

What she didn't know was that she'd find herself.

"I have never thought so much about who I am until I came to CMU. This university helped me build myself as well as helped me realize my full potential," she said. "Being involved on campus and meeting so many amazing people has made me a better leader and a better human."

She said CMU has opened her up to a world of diverse backgrounds and cultures. This inspired her to help others have the same experience.

"We live in a world full of different cultures that have benefited from other cultures. We must show people who we are," she said. "The generations to come need to help create a better world."

Ahsha has dedicated herself to promoting cultural awareness at CMU.

She is a multicultural advisor in Herrig Hall and hosts awareness programs, develops informational bulletin boards at the residence hall and leads conversations with students about diversity.

She also uses her dancing talent to advocate for cultural awareness as president of Justus League, a hip-hop organization on campus that educates people about hip-hop culture.

Ahsha said she believes the most important way for students to learn about other cultures is to expose themselves to people from different backgrounds.

"I think that this is allowing people to see the importance of the different people in your life. It's helping people understand the importance of diversity and how it can make a change in the world," she said. "It's also impacting people by exposing them to different cultures."

It's a chance to meet new people and learn new things, she added. Through her efforts, Ahsha said she has found a diverse community at CMU that feels like family.

"This university is not like others. When I walked on this campus for the first time people waved, smiled and the environment just felt like home," she said. "I have spent every summer here because it feels like a home to me."

Fast Facts


Ahsha's name is Swahili and means life and hope.


She is a dancer, mostly in the hip-hop and contemporary field.


Ahsha's nickname is "Sunshine."