Alexandria Petix, '21 Alum

Northville, Michigan
High School
Management Trainee at Lexus in Naperville, Illinois
College of Business Administration
Professional sales
Alexandria Petix

  • Hometown: Northville, Michigan
  • Major: Marketing
  • Minor: Professional sales
  • College: College of Business Administration
  • Graduated: 2021
  • Job Title: Management Trainee at Lexus in Naperville, Illinois

Alex Petix feels there's always something to do at CMU. "I said 'yes' to everything I could," said Alex. That willingness to try new things coupled with her drive and enthusiasm set her on a path through four years of exciting experiences … and very little sleep. The payoff? She graduates with a job at Lexus.

Residential College

She joined the business residential college in her first year so she could live and study with like-minded students. She knew business was where her interests lay. Her parents both have business degrees from CMU. One sister is also holding up the tradition and attending CMU.

"It was great having such close interaction with all these great mentors. You learn so much outside the classroom," Alex said.

Central Marketing Society

During her freshman year, she joined the Central Marketing Society eventually becoming president for four semesters. Her sophomore year she became a member of Pi Sigma Epsilon, the national coed professional sales, marketing and management fraternity.

"I love to lead and impact people," said Alex. "Each of the positions I've held, organizations I've been part of and competitions I've participated in have helped me solidify my interests and career path."

Sales Competitions

Oh, did I mention the sales competitions? Over the years, she has participated in our sales competitions, honing her skills against national competitors and winning awards. She just completed her final PSE sales competition, done virtually due to COVID restrictions. She was a semifinalist, and many of her classmates placed as well.

While sitting in a CMU Sales Team program four years ago, she wondered if maybe one day she would be up there coaching it. Of course, when asked she said yes, and this year had her first taste of being a peer coach. Next stop is presenting an overview of our professional sales minor to interested staff and faculty members right before her graduation. Sleep? Not really for Alex. She'd rather be doing.

She sees lots of benefits to her high-energy, hands-on life here at CMU. Her confidence has grown enormously as has her résumé. In interviews she feels confident and has a wealth of stories that show her leadership experience and ability to turn problems into successes or at least learning opportunities.

Alex starts her new position as a management trainee at Lexus in July in the Chicago suburb of Naperville. She'll continue her education with a yearlong training and finally a position in sales or management. A month before graduation she's excited to go and check out the area. In keeping with her love of new experiences, she's thinking of saying yes to big-city life and getting an apartment in downtown Chicago. "It's so exciting," Alex said. "I can't wait to get started on my new adventure."