Brian Caine

Brian Caine Student

Grand Blanc, Michigan
High School
Grand Blanc High School
Marketing with a concentration in professional sales
College of Business Administration

​Have you ever wondered how many business deals are made on the golf course? Brian Caine got to find out.

He spent two weeks in Scotland as part of our "Selling on the Green" study abroad course. He played golf at two different courses near Edinburgh, while discovering just how big a role the game can play in making business deals. Brian and his fellow students learned how to plan company outings, bond with a client during the game and make a convincing sales pitch at the end.

Of course, golfing wasn't all they got to do in Scotland. There was haggis to try, a trip to Edinburgh Castle and, for Brian, a chance to compete in a half-marathon. A dedicated amateur runner, Brian had never competed outside the United States. When he heard the Edinburgh Marathon Festival would be happening while he was in Scotland, his professor, Deborah Gray, encouraged him to participate. She even rearranged the course schedule so the entire class could cheer Brian on.

Brian at Edinburgh Marathon Festival

Brian competed in the half-marathon at the Edinburgh Marathon Festival in Scotland.

"Selling on the Green" is just one of more than 150 study abroad experiences in nearly 50 countries that you can experience at CMU. And it's just one of the many experiences Brian Caine has had since he chose to come here from Grand Blanc.

He visited several universities before deciding on CMU. The others didn't have everything he wanted. When he toured our campus, he found the balance he was looking for. He felt welcome. It was far enough away but close to home and, best of all, he could see himself here.

"Come on a tour. You get to talk with the faculty and students and learn about all the opportunities and possible paths there are," Brian said. "It's OK if you don't know what you want to do. I was thinking about hospitality or entrepreneurship when I started here. Now I'm in marketing and sales."

Brian found his path and his community with Pi Sigma Epsilon, the coed, national professional fraternity specializing in marketing, sales and management. Now, he's the president of the CMU chapter.

"There's so much to do here," said Brian. "Every year I've grown more, experienced more and met more people."

He's learned leadership skills as a resident assistant in Larzelere Hall. Sales competitions have helped him sharpen his ability to close the deal. He's even been a campus ambassador, going down to Flint to talk about CMU and how approachable the professors are here.

"The faculty care about your career and your life. They know you and what's important to you," Brian said.

This summer he has a paid internship with Dow. He found it thanks to the contacts he's made here.