Brian Davis, Master's in Experimental Psychology

Brian Davis Student

Owosso, Michigan
High School
Owosso High School
M.S. in Experimental Psychology
College of Graduate Studies
December 2017
Brian learned to slalom water-ski when he was seven.

When Brian Davis came to Central as an undergraduate, he had plans of becoming a physical therapist.

That all changed, however, after one psychology class.

“I took a course with Carl Johnson who told me to check out the Central Autism Treatment Center,” said Brian. “At the time, I was determined to become a physical therapist. Upon taking the class and checking out the clinic, I never looked back.”

Brian is now the supervisor at the Central Autism Treatment Center. He is one of 15 students certified as an assistant behavior analyst, and he works with a handful of children affected by autism.

Working with the students in the center, said Brian, is one of the most rewarding experiences he’s ever had.

“It is hands down the best feeling in the world to see improvements in these kids' lives and know that you were the direct cause of those improvements,” he said. “Seeing the parents' reactions to positive changes in their children is truly something priceless in this field and it is what makes you keep coming back to work every morning determined to make a difference.”

The students constantly surprise and inspire him, Brian said, and being able to see the difference his work is making in their lives over time is incredible.

“My proudest moment was definitely having a child respond to his father with ‘Hi dad’ for the first time when his dad said ‘Hi son.’ The child was six years old and had never said hi to his father before this moment. It is something I will never forget.”

Fast Facts


After graduation, Brian hopes to become a board-certified behavior analyst and work at a clinic in the Grand Rapids area.


He has been working with the Central Autism Treatment Center for three years.


Brian's favorite part about CMU, he said, are the faculty and people he works with.