Darcy Beavan

Darcy Beavan Staff

High School
Success Coach
Office of Student Success
Darcy really likes chickens – in her own words, they’re the only pets that actually give something back.

"The opportunity to help people get what they want out of life is the best job in the world.  When I get to see someone recognize what they want and share in their pride when they get it. That is my favorite part of the job."

In her own words, Darcy Beavan's job as a success coach at CMU is to meet students where they are and help them get where they want to go – academically, socially, personally, etc.

Her favorite thing about CMU is the vast amount of opportunities available, as well as the level of support CMU provides its students through all the support services.

"Whatever you want, you can find it at CMU, along with faculty and staff who will help you discover it with a realistic respect for each individual," said Darcy.

Her best advice to incoming students is to start small.

"University life is overwhelming at first. Attend your classes and figure out how you will learn here. Know where the bathrooms are. Find your way around the residential restaurants. Even simple things like eating the way that helps you function best can make a big difference in your happiness."

But above all, said Darcy, the most important thing is to not compare yourself to other students.

"You are here to craft you, and each person brings his or her own greatness and challenges. No two are alike!"

Fast Facts


Darcy has an associate’s degree and a bachelor’s degree.


She also worked at Ford Motor Co.


In her free time, Darcy enjoys biking, skiing and all things artistic.