Djemila Fields

Djemila Fields Student

Southfield, Michigan
High School
Southfield-Lathrup High School
Doctor of Audiology
College of Health Professions
May 2021
Djemila's favorite food is dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets.

When it came time for Djemila Fields to decide where to pursue graduate education, the choice was clear: her alma mater, Central Michigan University. 

Djemila attended CMU as an undergraduate where she majored in communication disorders. After graduation, she knew she wanted to go into audiology, and the decision to stay at CMU was a no-brainer.

"I chose to stay at CMU for my doctorate because it provided the most well-rounded program. It has a fantastic clinic space as well as professors who are happy to help nurture my research career," said Djemila. "Plus, CMU has felt like home since I was a freshman, and no other graduate programs made me feel as comfortable, welcome and relaxed as CMU."

Before she came to CMU, Djemila had never heard of audiology; she attended orientation undecided and found herself looking into the health professions field. When she learned about the audiology program, it felt like a perfect match.

Since making the decision, said Djemila, she has never looked back. She immediately became involved in a number of student organizations on campus, including serving as president of the Pre-Audiology Student Organization.

Her favorite part about CMU, she said, is the support and encouragement she has received from the faculty and staff in her program and around the university.

"Nearly every professor I have had has gone above and beyond in order to help promote my academic, research and clinical skills," she said. "CMU is helping me put my stamp on the world by thoroughly training me to be a competent audiologist and researcher. The Honors Program taught me the value of adding to the world's scope of knowledge and giving back to society. The audiology professors are giving me the skills to do so."

Fast Facts


As an undergraduate student, Djemila was involved in the Honors program and was a Multicultural Advancement Scholar.


After graduation, she hopes to either work in an ear, nose and throat clinic or pursue a Ph.D.


One of Djemila’s favorite experiences at CMU was having coffee chats with Phame Camarena, the director of the Honors Program.