Donovan Watts

Donovan Watts Student

Detroit, Michigan
High School
Clarenceville High School
Political Science
College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
December 2016
"I transferred to CMU because the people in this environment made me feel welcomed, and I could immediately tell it was a positive community."
"Professors not only teach courses at CMU, but they also use the smaller class size as an opportunity to build relationships with students and support our academic goals."
"My role as a McNair Scholar challenges me to look deeper at civil rights research as an undergraduate student, an area I am passionate about and hope to study further through graduate studies."
"I developed a stronger understanding of public policy through my internship with Michigan Sen. Bert Johnson during campaign season. I was able to organize events and meet with constituents about key social and political issues."
"Students and faculty have connected me to various opportunities to attend graduate school so I can continue to pursue my academic goals."
"As the president of Pi Sigma Alpha, I have been living out my vision to connect more students to the field of political science and encourage networking among members."
  • Pi Sigma Alpha president
  • McNair Scholar
  • Men About Change member