Hannah Sommers

Hannah Sommers Student

Ravenna, Michigan
High School
Ravenna High School
Clinical Exercise Science
College of Health Professions
August 2017

​The atmosphere on campus is unlike any other

“I really had my heart set on another university before taking a tour here. Once I took my tour, I was hooked on the positive atmosphere of the campus. I felt at home.”

Alternative Breaks open your eyes to a whole new world

“The volunteer work I have done has helped me gain a lot of different perspectives, and in the future as a physical therapist, it will be important for me to be empathetic toward people regardless of their situation. This summer I will be going on my fifth alternative break, and that program has really opened my eyes to the issues across the country. In any career you go into it is important to be open to the issues people face.”

You will discover learning opportunities in the most unlikely of places

“After studying abroad in Florence, Italy, I felt like I was on top of the world and could do anything. I was totally thrown into a new culture all by myself, and I met a ton of new friends. The entire experience was so eye-opening. I think I learned more about America studying abroad than I ever thought I would.”

The student body is fired up to be here

“I love the students at CMU. Central is a place where you can create a future for yourself and figure out what you love to do, alongside people who are fired up to be here. The students are not just here to go to school, they are here to grow and better themselves.”

Take advantage of the scholarship opportunities

“I wish I would have known how to take advantage of the numerous scholarship opportunities that are offered. Make sure you look into those opportunities early, before your freshman year, because there are so many available for students.”