Jacob Anglebrandt

Jacob Anglebrandt Staff

High School
Success Coach
Office of Student Success
Jacob was born on Christmas Eve.

Central Michigan University prides itself on offering each student their own path to success.

Jacob Anglebrandt, a success coach at CMU, embodies that mission.

“Each student has a different definition of success and has different goals,” he said. “A success coach is here to help create an individualized action plan for each student we meet.”

What does that mean?

It means Jacob takes the time to get to know each of his students, what their goals are, what success looks like to them and then works with them in carving out their path to achievement.

“A success coach works with a student one-on-one to help them reach their personal and academic goals,” he said. “My favorite part about this role is seeing a student succeed in something they were striving for.”

And Jacob speaks from experience. He’s seen firsthand the impact a success coach can have on a student finding his or her way through the college landscape in pursuit of a degree.

“I do what I do every day because I was the student that needed help a success coach provides when I was in college,” he said.

So, what would the top three things Jacob would tell an incoming freshman are essential for getting off on the right foot?

One, get involved. CMU has tons of opportunities on campus for students to get involved, from volunteering and student organizations to intramural sports and community involvement.

Second, of course, is meet with a success coach! They can help you hit the ground running and on the best path forward.

Last, but not least, enjoy your time at CMU. College is about knowledge and character. It’s more than what you learn in the classroom, it’s about finding yourself.

“Live the college memories you want to remember when you’re 80,” he said.

Fast Facts


Jacob’s favorite thing about CMU is attending the football games.


He earned a bachelor’s degree in social science from CMU.


Jacob started as a success coach in 2016.