Jacob Davison

Jacob Davison Student

Galesburg, Michigan
High School
Gull Lake High School
Physics: Astronomy
College of Science and Engineering
Computer Science
May 2018
Jacob is obsessed with clean carpets because he spent a summer as an assistant technician at a carpet cleaning company.

Jacob Davison was just a little tyke when he developed a fascination with the universe and the physics of it.

It was interesting.

It was complicated.

It was captivating.

But as Jacob grew up, he didn’t really know what that meant. Was it more than just a childhood fascination?

Through high school, he thought maybe it was.

After graduating from Gull Lake High School, Jacob came to CMU with his eyes set on becoming a computer programmer.

It gave him his first real taste of the computer programming world. The research was what he enjoyed most.

But he kept getting pulled back to what he loved as a child.

Then, Jacob found the physics department at CMU. It was a unique opportunity for him to combine his recently found love of research and his rediscovery of his passion in astronomy.

He hasn’t looked back since.

Jacob was the first student at CMU to work at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico as a physics intern, during which he studied and measured nuclear collisions. He’s involved with the Society of Physics at CMU. He’s also eyeing a doctorate in nuclear astrophysics.

“I have found that there is absolutely nothing to dislike about my major and my major program. The coursework is always challenging, but very rewarding,” he said. “My fellow undergraduates in the physics program are all exceptional students and the best friends I have at CMU.”

He attributes that to the culture of CMU’s physics program, which he described as close-knit.

“I have had a plethora of opportunities for hands-on research. In fact, every physics major that I know has had an opportunity to work with some professor in the physics department,” Jacob said. “CMU and the physics department offer such a wide range of opportunities to explore my interests and gain experience in the kind of work that I want to pursue professionally.”

Fast Facts


Jacob is the secretary for the Society of Physics Students at CMU.


He earned the prestigious Goldwater Scholarship for his work as an intern at Los Alamos National Laboratory.


Jacob has worked with multiple professors as a learning assistant.