Jesse Kroll

Jesse Kroll Student

Algoma, Wis.
High School
Algoma High School
College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
As a child, Jesse refused to answer to his n​​ame in school. Instead, he would go to class each day with a new identity – superhero, dinosaur, ninja turtle – and his teacher would have to play along.

“When all is said and done, I think the most meaningful aspect of our lives is how we impact others. I also believe that giving is contagious, so the more we are able to give to others, the more they will pay it forward and better the world.”

As a CMU football player, Jesse Kroll’s dedication to personal excellence both on and off the field is certainly admirable. But in his opinion, the best victories don’t happen on game day – they happen when people around the world join forces to better their community.

“I think the most rewarding part about volunteering comes when you are able to bring real joy to someone’s life. It’s a great feeling when you are able to connect with someone and help make their lives better in some way,” he said.

And for Jesse, it’s a personal mission as well.

“I definitely wouldn’t be where I’m at right now, a student-athlete at CMU, if it wasn’t for the help of many people in my community along the way. I feel like it’s my responsibility to pass this help along, take advantage of the opportunities I’ve been given and be a positive influence in someone else’s life.”

Jesse has volunteered with organizations such as Special Olympics Michigan and the Clare Fellowship of Christian Athletes youth sports camp. He also has participated in three service trips through the His House organization in Alabama, Florida and Louisiana.


Fast Facts


Jesse is a wide receiver for the CMU football team.


Jesse has a knack for catching and extending last minute “miracle” plays on the field.


He has been named an All-MAC Honors Scholar Athlete for three years in a row.