Kyle Brumm, biology major

Kyle Brumm Student

Nashville, Michigan
High School
Maple Valley High School
Biology: Natural Resources (now called Biology: Ecology, Evolution and Conservation)
College of Science and Engineering
Geographic Information Sciences
May 2018
Kyle studied abroad in Ireland and is planning to study in the Galapagos Islands next spring.

Kyle Brumm has always been fascinated with biology.

When he came to CMU, he was excited about the variety of research opportunities within the Department of Biology, particularly at the Biological Station on Beaver Island.

As a freshman, Kyle began working in Dr. Kevin Pangle’s aquatic ecology laboratory, researching the eating habits of juvenile rainbow trout.

His sophomore year, Kyle was offered a lead role on the project and decided to make it his Honors capstone project.

“Our main objective was to explore the interaction between diet compositions of fish and the surrounding land cover,” said Kyle. “Land cover is partially responsible for the health of aquatic systems, and therefore, may influence the prey items available for fish. Such differences in diet among fish may also equate to varied growth rates, a second realm of the study.”

Unsurprisingly, said Kyle, his favorite part about CMU is the opportunity to work so closely with faculty members in the classroom and labs.

He said that the opportunity was an incredible learning experience.

“My biggest takeaway from this project was seeing the depth and interconnectedness of the scientific community. Setting out to answer even a single question could produce several new ones, and I find that fascinating,” said Kyle.

His ultimate goal, following the completion of his bachelor’s and master’s degrees, is to work as an independent research scientist at a university or federal agency.

Fast Facts


Kyle is a member of the Honors Program and a Centralis scholar.


After graduation, he plans to pursue a master’s degree in fisheries and wildlife science.


Kyle is the treasurer of the Triathlon Club, a member of the student chapter of The Wildlife Society and the vice president of the student chapter of Ducks Unlimited.