Liz Daum

Liz Daum Staff

High School
Success Coach
Office of Student Success
Liz loves practicing yoga.

Liz Daum is the type of person who loves to get to know other people. She's found that at CMU, she has those opportunities with her students.

"My favorite thing about CMU is that it's a small enough community where we all get to know each other," she said. "It feels like a family."

As a student success coach, she wants her students to feel the same way. When a student is supported, they can achieve all sorts of personal and academic goals.

"My favorite part of my work is when I am working with a student for a while, and I get to see something click. A new solution, a new strategy or a new way of thinking comes to light, and the student can see the way forward through their current challenges," she said. "I truly love getting to know others and being a part of helping people become the best versions of themselves. I want to provide hope, along with resources to help guide students to their goals."

As a success coach, Liz helps students in a variety of ways, including study skills, time management, questions about majors, career planning and anything else on their minds.

"We are here to help students identify their goals and create action plans to achieve those goals," she said. "We will get you connected to the most relevant resources on campus or in the community."

As far as advice for incoming students, she had a few tips.

  • Learn about people and resources available to you, such as success coaches, academic advisors, resident assistants and counselors.
  • Connect with your professors. CMU faculty are a rich resource to students and can help you achieve academic goals.
  • Take good care of yourself. Healthy students are good students.

Fast Facts


Liz has a bachelor’s degree in social work from CMU.


One of her favorite spots on campus is the Fabiano Botanical Gardens.


Liz has been a success coach for two years.