Lori Driessnack

Lori Driessnack Staff

High School
Success Coach
Office of Student Success
Lori and her husband ran Mount Pleasant’s first coffee shop, University Cup, for nearly 20 years.
"Success Coaches serve as a resource for students to process through the demands of their lives, set goals and develop action steps to meet those demands."

Lori Driessnack knows a bit about the student experience as a Success Coach at CMU. Her job is to work with students to get them where they want to be – academically, professionally and personally.

"The best part of my job is partnering with a student who is experiencing that "light bulb moment," when they recognize that if they simply change a few things in their daily lives, then they will experience a great deal more success," said Lori.

In her opinion, community is one of the most important parts of the college experience – and the community at CMU is unrivaled.

"I graduated from a Big 10 university and the feeling was much different, much lonelier," said Lori. "At CMU, when a student reaches out, there is always a helping hand reaching back to lift them up, either a faculty member, a peer mentor or a staff member who is willing to go the extra mile to provide a resource or service."

For Lori, success is all about attitude and habits. Sometimes, she said, all a student needs to do to succeed is change their habits, prioritize their values and advocate for themselves. Plus, taking advantage of CMU's vast network of resources is always a good jumping off point.

Lori's tips for incoming students are simple enough:

"First, high school study strategies may not provide the same level of success in college-level academics. Second, the most critical "soft skill" that a freshman can learn first semester is to "advocate for themselves" to get what they need in and out of the classroom. And third, organization is key."

Fast Facts


Lori was born and raised near Mount Pleasant.


She worked in public relations in South Carolina before returning to Mount Pleasant.


Lori’s favorite thing about CMU is the community and the energy and excitement to learn and grow.