Madyson Davis

Madyson Davis Student

Lambertville, Michigan
High School
Bedford High School
Health administration
College of Health Professions
August 2019
Madyson was crowned Miss Monroe 2018.

After high school, Madyson Davis wanted the full college experience. 

"I knew I wanted to go away to college, and CMU was the most affordable way for me to do it," she said.

Like many freshmen, she looked forward to the new opportunities being on campus would bring.

"I wanted to start a new chapter of my life and find something I was passionate about that would impact me and those around me," she said. "CMU has offered me all of that and more."

Madyson knew her journey would lead her to the health care field, she just wasn't sure how or in what way. After getting her feet wet in a few courses, Madyson was drawn to health care administration, which she saw as an opportunity to have a voice in the future of health care.

Outside the classroom, she likes to sing, dance and act. In fact, Madyson competes in pageants. While her talents and participation in the pageants have introduced her to being in the spotlight, her experiences and involvements at CMU have given her the confidence she has now.

Madyson holds leadership positions in two registered student organizations; she is vice president of Collegiate Health Administration Preparatory Society and vice president of philanthropy for Alpha Chi Omega. The election processes, giving speeches and interacting with members gave her more confidence to speak in public, plan events and meet new people, which translated well to her pageants and her future career.

"Being involved has helped me with interview preparation and being able to take challenging questions and answer them on the fly," she said. "Networking is huge in my profession. CMU has given me the opportunity to talk to faculty and health care professionals and get my name out there."

Fast Facts


Madyson loves Marvel movies.


Her favorite spot to hang out on campus is the Health Professions Building.


Madyson likes to volunteer.