Micah Ward

Micah Ward Student

Stockbridge, Michigan
High School
Stockbridge High School
Logistics Management and Marketing
College of Business Administration
December 2017
Micah spent the summer as a purchasing intern with the Ford Motor Co.

As a freshman, Micah Ward was determined to make the most of the opportunities she found at CMU. And in four short years, she did just that. 

Micah, a member of the Honors Program, has certainly put her stamp on CMU as a volunteer for several organizations, a member of Alpha Kappa Psi and a study abroad participant.

Her passion for marketing and supply chain management also has led her to multiple internships, co-ops and a unique research project.

Working alongside marketing professor Dr. Zachary Williams, Micah developed an Honors capstone project geared toward studying and understanding the effects damaged goods have on consumer opinions and attitudes.

"During a co-op that I did at Kimberly-Clark, I learned about retail store damage and found it very interesting. Because of that, I decided to study retail store damage for my capstone," said Micah. "Specifically, I surveyed consumers to study their attitudes and actions toward damaged goods on retail store shelves. The findings result in recommendations for supply chain partners, specifically retailers and manufacturers."

While the opportunities have been incredible, said Micah, the people and community are what have really impacted her time at CMU.

"My favorite thing about CMU is that there are always people around you to serve as positive influences and resources. While it is a large school, I feel like everyone has a smaller community within it, and I personally have found that community within the College of Business."

Fast Facts


Micah is involved in a number of organizations on campus, including Alpha Kappa Psi and Leadership Safari.


She studied abroad in the United Kingdom in 2015.


After graduation, Micah plans to work in supply chain industry and potentially pursue an MBA.