Myia Bunker

Myia Bunker Student

Wolverine, Michigan
High School
Inland Lakes High School
Special education
College of Education and Human Services
Myia Bunker is the second oldest of six. In a way, she’s always been a teacher.
Growing up, she watched her siblings learn and started making observations.
Now, as a senior at Central Michigan University, she’s putting what she’s learned into practice. Myia is part of a unique pre-student teaching experience for education majors called co-teaching.
"Co-teaching gives you the picture of teaching as a whole. I feel like I’m already a teacher because I get to see the whole process,” Myia said.
Students like Myia work with a teacher in real classrooms to split up the teaching responsibilities and gain hands-on experience. While Myia works with one group of students, her host teacher works with another, covering the same lessons and giving their students more personalized attention and focus.
“My experiences in the classroom help me see that this is my future and this is something I love doing,” she said.
Myia’s inspiration to teach is also close to home. She has a younger brother with cerebral palsy, who has taught her invaluable lessons. From teaching him, she knew she wanted to find a better way to teach those in similar situations. She wanted to become not only a better teacher, but someone who could best teach others like him.
Co-teaching has taught Myia to be open-minded, leave her expectations at the door, and to think and adapt quickly.
She is putting her stamp on education as she learns from her host teacher, their students and the CMU faculty.