Sabreen Faqihi

Sabreen Faqihi Student

Manama, Bahrain
High School
Doctor of Medicine
College of Medicine
Sabreen led a yearlong project in her daughter’s kindergarten class producing a book of artwork featuring their drawings of healthy foods associated with each letter of the alphabet.

What do playing the violin and practicing medicine have in common?

Ask Sabreen Faqihi, whose path to medicine started in music.

"I have always found an air of similarity between music and medicine: the importance of paying attention to detail, being sensitive and adaptable, and being patient and dedicated," she said. "It is the notion of giving your all: your talent; your skills; your days of rehearsing; and your mind and spirit towards a performance that will move people's emotions, touch their lives and make a difference."

Sabreen, a violinist since she was young, started performing with the Bahrain Orchestra at just 17 years old. This was about the same time she discovered an interest in the medical field.

"I have always been fascinated by it because it is a career in which I will constantly be learning new things, even as a practicing physician," she said.

Her love of music and medicine have always walked hand in hand.

After high school, Sabreen was accepted into a two-year music program at Leeds College of Music in the United Kingdom. She then moved to the United States, where she performed in the Holland Symphony Orchestra and around the same time was pursuing an associate's degree in science.

She went on to earn a bachelor's degree in biomedical sciences before finding the CMU College of Medicine, where she knew she wanted to earn her doctoral degree.

"I chose CMU because it is where I would get a well-rounded medical education. There are many great aspects of the curriculum, including team-based learning, working with standardized patients, being involved in community projects, and the opportunity to work in both rural and urban clinical settings," she said. "Practicing medicine is more than just science; it is about reaching out to the patient and showing true compassion and care. I believe CMU has instilled in me the values, knowledge and skills to accomplish that."