Seth Allen

Seth Allen Student

Kaleva, Michigan
High School
Brethren High School
Computer Engineering
College of Science and Engineering
Non-Teaching Mathematics
May 2020
Seth was active duty in the U.S. Air Force for four years.

Seth Allen came to CMU with some valuable experience already under his belt.

He was an avionics technician in the United States Air Force and had worked in both the electrical and computer fields.

Coming to CMU, he knew he'd have the opportunity for even more hands-on experience to prepare him for a career after college.

Allen, who returned to college after attending another school prior to his service in the military, decided to major in computer engineering.

The programs' versatility caught his attention.

"I enjoyed working with electrical and computer components, so it became a major that I started doing research on," he said. "I like that it is basically electrical engineering and computer science combined."

When he saw the opportunity for more experience, something he knew he'd have open to him at CMU, Seth took advantage.

He earned a job with CMU's Facilities Management and was one of two students who installed more than 70 direct digital control sensors on heating, ventilation and air conditioning units throughout campus. The sensors better adjust room temperatures based on the number of people in each room and are projected to reduce energy consumption by up to 25 percent in the in which they were installed.

"It's good hands-on experience to go along with all the academics," Allen said. "It is very important, especially for areas such as engineering and engineering technology. Most companies look for the students that have these types of experiences."

Fast Facts


Seth's favorite aspect of CMU is the friendliness of his fellow students.


The sensors Seth installed will save CMU approximately $10,000 per year in energy savings.


Seth wanted to return to college specifically for computer engineering.