Starr Walker

Starr Walker Student

West Bloomfield, Michigan
High School
Biology: Ecology, Evolution and Conservation
College of Science and Engineering
Geographical Information Systems
May 2019
Starr was born in Atlanta, Georgia.

Starr Walker knew at a young age she was interested in science. As a younger student, she completed a project on coral reefs and was devastated to discover that the coral reefs are projected to go extinct within the next 100 years.

Since then, Starr has been passionate about studying and researching biology to help save the reefs and positively impact the environment.

This passion led her to CMU, and she found a community that was welcoming, friendly and just as passionate about issues that matter.

"I chose to come to CMU because out of all the universities that I visited, Central's campus was the most welcoming and everyone was so kind. I wanted to be a part of that."

She quickly immersed herself in the campus community and took on leadership roles in several student organizations. As a member of Zeta Theta Pi and a representative for CMU's Student Government Association, Starr also discovered her passion for philanthropy and community service.

Now she hopes to join the Peace Corps before pursuing her master's and doctoral degrees.

She credits CMU for helping her find the opportunities and connections to embrace her passions and build a unique future.

"Having the opportunity to take on leadership roles and being able to build connections with my professors and advisors who are making sure I am prepared to make the next step has helped me figure out my path. My favorite part about CMU is how many opportunities are available to the students. They give you the freedom to explore and discover who you are supposed to be."

Fast Facts


Starr participated in the annual Threads Fashion Show on campus as a model on the catwalk.


She plans to pursue master’s and doctoral degrees.


Starr is involved with a number of student organizations, including Program Board, Student Government Association, Zeta Theta Pi and Students Against Slavery.