Stephanie Richards

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High School
Assistant Professor
College of Health Professions
Communication Sciences and Disorders
CMU runs in Stephanie's family! Her mother, father and one of her sisters are all alumni.

For Stephanie Richards, accepting a job at CMU was a no-brainer. The speech-language pathology professor earned both her bachelor's and master's degrees at CMU, and she knew she wanted to continue to her career as a CMU Chippewa.

"I was excited to discover CMU was hiring when I was looking for a job. I loved both my undergraduate and graduate programs at CMU and always thought it would be great to come back to work at CMU," said Stephanie. "When I started at CMU, I really felt like I was coming home. I've thoroughly enjoyed being back."

Stephanie now teaches several classes in the communication sciences and disorders department, as well as serving as a faculty advisor for CDO students.

"This past year, I took over as the undergraduate academic advisor for our department, which was an easy transition for me because of my experience as a student at CMU. I feel like I do a better job advising and have a better understanding of what students need because I was both an undergraduate and graduate student at CMU," she said.

A big factor in her success, said Stephanie, were the faculty connections she made as a student at CMU.

"My professors and clinical instructors got me excited about the field of speech-language pathology and inspired me to further my education so I could pursue a teaching position. I also had opportunities to conduct research as both an undergraduate and graduate student, which furthered my interest in pursuing a doctorate and working at a university," she said.

Now, she hopes to take the values and education she received at CMU to help guide her students to success in college and after graduation.

"I've been able to reflect on my own experiences as a student at CMU to determine what students need from me in the classroom, clinic and advising sessions," said Stephanie. "I remember what it was like to be a student, so I work hard to make the experience as beneficial as possible for all of the students I meet."

Fast Facts


Stephanie’s favorite class to teach is CDO 439: Clinical Methods in Speech-Language Pathology.


Her favorite thing about CMU is the people and the friendly atmosphere that surrounds campus.


She often works with students on research, including studies regarding the attitudes, behaviors and futures of speech-language pathology students.