Sydney Reed

Sydney Reed Student

Clinton Township, Michigan
High School
Chippewa Valley High School
Integrative public relations
College of the Arts and Media
May 2020
Sydney enjoys crafting and painting.

For Sydney Reed, attending college has been about opportunities and experiences. 

"I've had leadership roles that will prepare me for my career, experiences that have challenged me and met so many mentors that have helped me become who I am," she said.

Sydney is one of the most involved students at CMU. She is conference chair for the Multicultural Conference, program chair for IMPACT, onsite coordinator for the LeaderShape Institute, a SPARK facilitator, a MAC scholar, and a communications assistant for Enrollment and Student Services.

One of her most unique and influential opportunities has been attending IMPACT. IMPACT is an interactive two-day program focused on mentorship and making strong campus connections. Sydney noted that she wouldn't have had this experience at any other college.

"Not many colleges offer a program for underrepresented communities to get them used to college," she said. "CMU is very intentional about students being successful as soon as they get on campus."

In her free time, Sydney enjoys watching "Friends," mentoring others, and playing volleyball and basketball.

She also recently won the Michelle Obama Award from Black Girls Rock.

"I never asked anyone to vote for me, and I won," she said. "It's a testament to the work I've put in on and around campus."

Fast Facts


Sydney’s favorite movie is “Hairspray.”


She plans to pursue a master’s degree after graduation and work in higher education administration.


Her favorite spot to hangout on campus is the Multicultural Academic Student Services office.