Molly Sergent

Igniting a sense of pride

  • My most successful math/science education experience was the geology course I took spring 2016. This is because it was a lot of hands on learning, and group learning, which not only helped me assess what I had learned, but also helped me work on my leadership and teamwork skills among my group.
Developing a passion for the profession 
  • The best experience I have had so far is easily the Mary McGuire elementary school after school STEM program. This program helped me realize that I am supposed to go into teaching. Helping the students was so much fun; I loved listening to their observations. They were interesting, creative, and sometimes very humorous. 

The importance of connecting to STEM 
  • These topics can be incredibly fun, especially when students have the “AHA!” moment. So often, however, kids say "I'm never going to use this in the real world". They get stuck on thinking that these topics have no meaning to their wold. Connecting topics using things I have learned in STEM , allows students to see how things matter and to get their "AHA" moement.

Advice for future STEM educators

  • Don't be afraid to step up and lead. By stepping into a STEM leadership role, you have the opportunity to influence others for the better.