Josh Belcher


Choosing to teach STEM subjects
  • First off, because it is my passion to solve problems, and that is what happens all the time when you go into STEM Education – you're solving all sorts of problems and accomplishing all sorts of tasks. I also want to share how important STEM is to people who may not like it at first and how it impacts daily life.

Modeling a desire to learn

  • My favorite CMU STEM Education Scholar experiences is working with elementary kids on building contraptions because it's amazing, as a Secondary Education major, to see so much passion and desire to learn and succeed at such a young age.
Beating preconceived notions   
  • Getting students interested and motivated in STEM – often enough it may look like difficult, ‘sciencey stuff' that looks tough to accomplish. The first step is getting students around that pre-conceived notion that it’s all difficult and nerdy and instead that it is manageable – hard work will pay off. Also, nerdy is never a bad thing – be yourself if you’re nerdy!