Rebekah Adams

 ​" I really wanted to make the same difference in students' lives that my teachers made in mine."


Class level: Junior

Major: Integrated Science

Igniting a sense of pride

  • Oddly enough, I am really proud of my math experience in Calculus 2. That class was really challenging for me, so seeing a good grade at the end of the semester felt really great.
Growing in the profession 
  • I have learned that not everyone is able to easily learn math and science. In the future, I think that this will help me realize that some students will need more help and explanation. Not every student is going to understand concepts the same way; they may need different examples or a completely different way of teaching.

The importance of connecting to STEM 
  • STEM is an always evolving field that related to many aspects of everyday life. Students should be able to understand life around them and what is going on in their environment.

Advice for future STEM educators

  • Join clubs and be involved. Never be afraid of being the new kid. Every meeting and club is an opportunity to connect with other students and your professors. Make those connections and you will already be one step ahead.