Jayda Sykora

Igniting a sense of pride

  • My best experience as a STEM Education Scholar has been being a part of the Mary McGuire afterschool program. It has really helped my ability to ask students questions to them to them try to look at problems in new ways.

Developing a passion for the profession

  • It is an amazing feeling when a student finally understands what you are teaching them. It can be a challenge to get students to apply math to their daily life and to think outside of the box. When that can happen, it is really exciting.
The importance of connecting to STEM 
  • STEM is a foundation of the modern society. Students can relate STEM skills to nearly every profession. Giving students a chance experience even the most basic components will allow them to apply those skills daily for the rest of their life.

Advice for future STEM educators

  • Make sure that education is the right place for you. If it is, you are in an amazing position to affect so many people in a positive way. Be sure that you are ready for the challenges of being an educator; students deserve the best change to learn, you need to be prepared for that.