Sarah Lapp

 ​"Trying to get students to open up to the idea of math will be one of my biggest challenges. I am excited to show them that anyone can be good at math."

Class level: Junior

Major: Integrated Science Minor:Mathematics

Igniting a sense of pride

  • My calculus 1 class has been my most successful experience at CMU. In this class, I really grasped the content to a point where I was able to teach my classmates. This gave me experience teaching content in different ways as I worked to cater to the learning styles of my classmates.
Best part of being a scholar
  • Working with the open make events has been one of my favorite experiences so far. I love being able to work with kids on things that they are interested in. The open make events are an experience where I can both help a child with a project and learn from the student.

Growing in the profession
  • I have learned that it takes time to understand the ways that students learn. There is no "one-size-fits-all" way to teach; that is something that is hard from some people to understand. I have really grown in my teaching style in a way that lets me cater to different students.

The importance of connecting to STEM 
  • STEM concepts really are about figuring out how the world works, so it does not matter if a student's passion lies somewhere other than STEM. What is important is to have a teacher that can help them develop that appreciation.

Advice for future STEM educators

  • If you are even thinking about stepping into a leadership role, go for it! Being in a leadership role gives you a much better appreciation for what you are doing in STEM and why you are doing it.