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One way the Center aims to provide deeper learning for students is through multi-week, faculty-led short courses.  These experiences typically happen second semester and vary by length, duration, content, and appropriate audience.   Payment for each course is due at the time of registration.  Cancellations made at least 14 days in advance are eligible for a refund

What to Expect:

Faculty Short Courses topics and schedules will be announced late fall with registration typically opening in mid-November.  While the specific length and duration of each course may vary, they often meet on a specific evening each week for a period of 4 to 6 weeks. Some courses have a final product as the end result, while others work within the topic to introduce new activities each week.  In addition to the faculty member leading the course, Center staff members and STEM Education Scholars will also be available to support student learning.

Why Attend?

While on-going projects are encouraged in other programs such as Open Make, the way these courses are structured allows for the potential of more intentional long-term planning and prototyping.  Additionally, students tend to find connections between what they are learning in the short course and future career opportunities.

Past Short Course topics have included:

  • Architecture
  • Chemistry
  • Fashion Merchandising and Design
  • Robotics
  • Virtual Reality

We Use Math Everyday: Fun with Modeling
5:00PM - 6:30PM | Five Week Course | EHS 134 - EVENT CANCELLED
​Dr. Doug Lapp, CMU Faculty, Department of Mathematics 
Appropriate for grades 6-8 
Cost: $65

In your middle school math classes, have you found yourself wondering, "When will I ever use this stuff?"  Have you ever wondered how video games and computer animation "move" objects around a screen?   If so, read on!

While you may not see it being used, math is all around us.  In this series of workshops, participants will explore some of the mathematical ideas that are essential to current technologies we see everyday.  From the way GPS routes cars on city streets or a submarine's navigation system directs its course below the surface of the ocean to the simple act of weighing a bag of apples at the grocery store...math is everywhere.
Course Dates:
March 17th
March 24th
April 7th
April 14th
April 21st

Please contact Julie Cunningham at cunni2ja@cmich.edu with questions.

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Exploring Animal Behavior
4:15PM - 5:30PM | Five Week Course | EHS 134
​Dr. Wiline Pangle, CMU Professor, Department of Biology 
Appropriate for grades 4 - 6 
Cost: $65

Students will explore the field of animal behavior through observations 
(bird watching), lab experiments (insects and crayfish), and field experiments (chipmunks, squirrels, and birds) over a five-week period. 

Course Dates:
April 8th
April 15th
April 22nd
April 29th
May 6th

Please contact Julie Cunningham at cunni2ja@cmich.edu with questions.
The work of the Center for Excellence in STEM Education is generously supported in part by the Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation.