Family Events

Asynchronous STEM Adventures for Families 
Grades: K-8
Dates: 6/28 - 7/1 (Materials Pick-up Only) 

Venture Out!
This asynchronous place-based experience will challenge you to discover hidden history, general geography, artful architecture, and
more by gathering a variety of artifacts to create a collaborative collection of your community. BONUS: Repeat the process in any location! This experience comes with suggested materials, basic instructions and suggestions for possible artifacts to collect as well as a video description of a collection example. 

This asynchronous, grab-and-go STEM Kit will allow you to design, build, and create your own terrarium! With a combination of provided materials and those available in your own neighborhood, you’ll be ready to build. Learn how terrariums work and watch them grow and thrive! 

This asynchronous, take and make activity combines art, motion, and collaboration! Using the provided materials, you’ll be invited to problem-solve your way to creating a pulley-powered kinetic sculpture that spins up to four separate design elements with the pull of a single string! This experience comes with enough materials for one complete project, as well as written and video tips to consider as you engage in this activity. 

Pendulum Painting
This asynchronous, grab-and-go STEM Kit allows you to learn about pendulums and the forces that allow them to stay in motion. Explore pendulums even further by adding an art twist. This kit will include materials to create a painting from a pendulum, and give you some extensions to problem-solve a new way to build a pendulum.