Family Events

Date: Each Wednesday, February 3 - April 14 2021 
Cost: $25 per family 

Please join CMU faculty members as they share their passion for STEM with you through an engaging activity! This virtual series will offer a new host/activity each week. Materials will be provided for the activities which require them. 

Featured faculty includes representatives from the following CMU departments: engineering, dance, art, teacher education, mathematics, and fashion merchandising and design, and a mystery college to be revealed soon!  

All STEM activities will feature active participation in an activity that features one or more of these skills: making, problem-solving, recognizing and applying patterns, and communication with the expected outcome of a shared experience or product. Along the way, you will learn more about:

  • STEM fields
  •  faculty interests
  •  research labs, and campus facilities 
  • a diverse sampling of STEM topics and disciplines
Activity and topics are geared towards 4th - 9th grade students and families. 

For a more detailed look at each week, check out this slide deck.  

Pick-up Dates:

Sacks can be picked up after their release date. Read below to learn when each sack will be available. 

  •  April 15 (3-5 PM)
    • Let's Go Fly a Kite
  • April 22 (3-5 PM)
    • Let's Go Fly a Kite
    • Down to the Buzzer
  • April 29 (3 - 5 PM) 
    • Let's Go Fly a Kite
    • Down to the Buzzer
    • All About Puzzles
Cost: FREE 

Registration for STEM Sacks is available now! As in the past, we have two different topics available for students in grades K-8. Continuing this month, we are introducing a kit for older students (grades 5-8) as well! Full descriptions of each sack are available below and on our registration site. We also encourage sharing of your experience through a photo or video at our Maker’s Shelf! 

April Options:  

Let's Go Fly A Kite: Recommended for grades K - 8  

  • Take your creativity and problem-solving skills to new heights as you construct your own custom kite! Using a combination of the provided materials, household supplies, your experience, and imagination we’re confident you’ll rise to this challenge! 
    • available on April 15

Down to the Buzzer: Recommended for grades 5 - 8 

  • Explore the basics of circuits and buttons to create an alarm system, simple game, or an idea of your own invention. We'll get you started with the basic circuitry, and the rest is up to you! 
    • available on April 22

All About Puzzles: Recommended for grades K - 8 

  • Put your problem-solving skills to the test with this STEM Sack by creating three different types of puzzles. Students will have the opportunity to develop, create, and construct puzzles out of different materials that can be solved by all ages! This fun, engaging STEM Sack is perfect for students who enjoy learning the behind-the-scenes of puzzle making and want to learn how to make a mind-stumping puzzle!
    • available on April 29


 Click here for highlights of past family events!

The work of the Center for Excellence in STEM Education is generously supported in part by the Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation.