Family Events

Why attend?

Family Events are the perfect way to communicate, explore, and be creative together!  We know the importance of creating memories as a family and the value of making;  these events provide space and time for just that! Use these events to carve out some informal time as a family, learn something new, or get inspired for another project!

What to do:

1. Decide on a materials option (gather your own, pick-up, or ship)

2. Register for the event

3. Receive confirmation email link to meet online and how to set up materials

4. Explore and learn with our instructors and your family!

Click here for highlights of past family events!

FALL Family Event:

Date: October 17
4:00pm - 5:00pm
Cost: $10

We’ve joined with up our friends in the ASL (American Sign Language) department to bring you an immersive and interactive family event.  Whether ASL is your primary language, is used occasionally at home, or if you are just interested in learning more, this event is full of fun activities:

  • Read a fall book as you learn key signs and watch an ASL interpretation!
  • Complete a family STEM building challenge
  • Complete a fall bingo with Augmented Reality and win a 3D printed PRIZE!
This event is FREE with the use of your STEM Passport. If you would like to attend and need a scholarship to make this event accessible for your family, please contact Ashley O'Neil at

Once you register, you will receive information on picking up materials for this event as well as a link to attend.


The work of the Center for Excellence in STEM Education is generously supported in part by the Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation.