Science, Mathematics, Technology Center

The Central Michigan Science, Mathematics, Technology Center (SMTC) serves the students, teachers, and administrators of the Gratiot-Isabella RESD and the Clare-Gladwin RESD. The SMTC provides outreach services to 14 school districts, 17 private schools, and three charter schools in this four-county rural area. The SMTC is housed at Central Michigan University (CMU) and since its establishment in 1985, the Center has also served the students and faculty of Central Michigan University's Colleges of Education and Human Services and Science and Technology.​

  • The mission of the Central Michigan Science, Mathematics, Technology Center is to promote continuous, long-term improvement in K-12 education in Clare, Gladwin, Gratiot, and Isabella counties. The SMTC staff strive toward the state and national goals for mathematics, science, and technology education by providing leadership, quality professional development, accelerated and enrichment opportunities for students, meaningful curriculum improvement, and resources to meet the needs of the students, teachers, parents, and general public in our service region. Strong partnerships with the regions intermediate school districts, and the University help achieve this goal.​
The Science, Mathematics, and Technology continues to support the following programs:

Short Courses (formerly known as OTD)
Summer Science and Math Camps