Designed to help schools adopt best practices, the Carnegie STEM Excellence Pathway initiative is built on the belief that school systems, individual schools, departments, or teachers can improve their STEM education practices through a positive, collaborative approach. ​ The Carnegie STEM Excellence Pathway fosters thinking about long-term strategic goals with a focus on continuous growth. It helps identify tenets of quality STEM Education and then implement them.

This program is a long-term, goal-oriented, encouraging approach to transforming practices. The Center for Excellence in STEM Education staff has been trained to facilitate the use of the Carnegie STEM Pathway with schools. We can offer facilitation of the Pathway as well as unique supports for your school or district.

​​​​Priority Areas 
  • Teacher Qualifications 
  • Curriculum 
  • Instructional Practices 
  • Assessment and Demonstration of Skills 
  • Family Engagement 
  • Real-World Connections

Within each area are specific criteria and descriptions of levels of performance.  After assessing themselves in each area, schools or districts select up to three as priority areas and formulate an action plan and timeline.

A few of our past partners put together a brief presentation to share how the Carnegie STEM Excellence Pathway worked within their school.

Mary McGuire Elementary


Interested in sharing this opporunity with your colleagues?  Share this page or download the STEM Excellence Pathway Flyer.  Contact Julie Cunningham at to learn more about the Pathway or to customize a plan for your school or district.  Carnegie STEM Excellence Pathway is provided by Central Michigan University in collaboration with Carnegie Science Center, Pittsburgh, PA USA

The work of the Center for Excellence in STEM Education is generously supported in part by the Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation.